Eve is a beautiful game

I haven’t been writing but I have been playing. It appears a big chunk of the playerbase has gotten their war on. I’m not actively participating due to time issues and no affiliation with a particular coalition, although with NPSI groups running fleets I may just get into some pvp soon. The best I’ve managed in the time allowed is buy and sell some pixel goods to help both sides with their war effort. Booster sales are up too.

As an outside observer my favorite aspect of these large wars, and the subsequent coverage of them, is the recording of fleet fights. Several streamers on Twitch have taken the helm in trying to locate and record as much of the fighting in real time as possible as well as recorded footage put up on YouTube. Gameplay wise it’s not the best but there is something mesmerizing about the mating dance of colored boxes that occurs when fleets clash. I’ll often leave a stream running in the background with some ambient music while trading. The movement of ships is almost like a fish tank or fire in how it can create a thoughtful comfort.

Politics wise I think the war is good for the game. Interest is up and the propaganda alone has been worth the wait. It feels like a bunch of Davids taking down the last big Goliath coalition. When the dust settles I think the Imperium will merely be cut down to size in relation to the current political landscape in null and will survive. Personally I think Eve is at its best when two superpowers are at odds so I’m not sure what to think about a post WWB nullsec. Balkanized null has its place but this war has shown how sexy Eve is when ensnared in a total war situation.

My copy of Empires of Eve has arrived and I’m excited to check it out. I will post some thoughts once I am done.



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