Se7en Months

Well, it has been a little over 7(!) months since I last made a post about Eve. I’m sure all one of my readers thought this blog had long since died. That one person would be correct. However, I’m a little bit like herpes… I keep coming back when you least expect it.

My absence from writing has not been due to quitting the game. I’ve continued to play Eve, mostly in a trading the most lazy way possible kind of style. Booster demand declined and then increased sharply in the last couple of months so I also did some dealing on the side. You won’t find doom and gloom posting about the decline of the login numbers here but the summer lull did feel stronger and lasted longer than in previous years. It’s a damn shame but I’ve seen the player count crest over 30k in recent weeks so perhaps that a sign things are bouncing back.

We’ve all had some time to digest Eve Vegas and the long awaited reveal of Citadels and the capital rebalance. The details were too thin for me to pop anything more than a nerd semi as I watched the VoDs but things do look promising. I find it funny that my dream of running a player owned market may one day be a reality. Also, 700bil for an XL bpo so save your pennies.

RvB closed, sort of. That’s a shame although I suspect it will be revived. Several have stated this is a further sign of the troubled times the Eve community finds itself in. I attribute it more to the existence of large scale null newbie training entities, consolidating NPSI communities and simply that the RvB concept had a shelf life that has expired. Either way, RIP… for now

My track record doesn’t show it but I enjoy writing about Eve. I’ll catch ya’ll soon.



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