Player vs Emotions

A couple days ago I was twiddling my thumbs in Amarr looking for something to do when I happened upon a 10MN AB Breacher I fit up long ago. I always enjoy functional fits with oversize prop mods; this Breacher being dual medium ancillary shield booster fit with light missiles, a defensive scram and a couple hobgoblins. I don’t pvp often so I like to fit cowardly, with a lot of GTFO potential.

On a whim I decided to head out to the Fabai constellation in Aridia to see what trouble I could stir up. Another booster production corporation hangs out there and my hope was to maybe catch someone scanning or flying around in a Venture. Or something. Killmails are not a particularly juicy carrot to me so after about 10 minutes flying around Aridia not finding much undocked, I found myself getting bored. It was late US tz in a less than optimal solo frig pvp area. I hadn’t planned this out at all.

Delve was just a jump away, maybe I could find something to do there? At the very least I could take the pod express back to Amarr. Being in an empty clone, I was content to die horribly. What other games call ‘fast travel’ EVE calls an avoidable loss. So, keeping up with the terrible pvper on a terrible solo roam theme, I jumped unscouted into 1-SMEB.

The locals were quite welcoming. 5-7 ships camping the gate. It looked like mostly Svipuls, the new Minmatar destroyer with a name that I can’t pronounce. I didn’t stick around long though to be sure, as I hoped to avoid being bubbled on the gate. If that had happened I would have been dead before having a chance to type a ‘o7’ in local. Much to my relief the camp must have been dictorless, as I was able to warp away to a nearby planet. I then warped to the sun to get my bearings. 40+ in local with a few frigs on scan. I decided to warp to the station to see if anything was happening.

I warped at 100km just in time to see a Raven warp in and dock up. Almost immediately after that an Algos undocked and started burning for me. I burned away from the station toward an arbitrary celestial. Not surprisingly there are cloakies on grid and the Algos got a warp in about 15km away. I activated my AB as he landed, locked me and dropped drones. At this point, my plan was to just kite this Algos, shoot his drones and see who else shows up.

For about 5 minutes the Algos and I danced around. He warped off a couple times and got solid warp ins 2-3 times. In response, I kited away and shot his drones. After a lull in the “action” I see the Raven from before undock and warp out to where we’re messing around. My pvp IQ is low so suddenly having to kite around two ships was already starting to feel overwhelming. The Algos warped off and didn’t return and I chuckled as the lone Raven locked me from 100km and started firing cruise missiles at me… in a Breacher… going 2.3k.

Just as I was thinking I should warp off a third party entered the scene. Apparently the locals weren’t the only ones with cloakies on grid. A CFC harpy gang gets a warp in right on top of the hapless Raven and begin burning him down. I noted that I had played the part of inadvertent bait well and I now had two options: 1) I could continue to kite at 100km and then avoid the harpies or 2) I could banzai charge in and do… something.  Three guesses as to which I chose. Again, I didn’t really plan this out.

I pulsed the AB to realign into the fight and charged head-on into the gang of frigs swarming the Raven. I had hoped being in a Breacher I would be largely ignored until the Raven popped but I wasn’t so lucky. A Maulus locked and damped me and I counter lock him, fired my light missiles and set up an orbit. About 20 seconds later the Raven popped and the frigs all begin locking me. For a few moments I was left to contemplate the trail of mistakes that led to this moment… me doomed to die to a CFC gang who dunked a Raven I had no intention of engaging. I should have launched my drones, I could have easily locked the Raven and gotten on the mail, the tunnel vision on a Maulus when the Raven popped around 2,000 meters from me. This list goes on. A couple seconds after being red-boxed I found myself back in Amarr.

So there it is. An 800 word story about a roam that resulted in a handful of nothing. No killmails. No overcoming the odds. No bringing solo back. Many would call it failure. I found the whole thing hilarious and a shining example of why I enjoy EVE so much. It was an interesting chain of events that occurred after I decided to try an activity I rarely participate in. Perhaps next time I’ll get on the killmail.

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